Frozen Upon A Time Update…


Hubby had to leave a “stupid thirty” (slang for way early) so I got up and knit in peace and  quite until our “PacMan” got up  and needed my attention.


So if you have not ordered this yarn before, you totally should! Its wool so it is warm, and  it has a cool temperature to touch like silk. There are several options that are not pink.  I want to make some baby blankets from this yarn. Did I mention its machine  washable? Head on over to JimmyBeansWool and grab some of this for yourself. And if you feel like it, tell them Whitney Creath sent you, in the referral box.


Last  but definitely not least, if you like the pattern click here. You can also check  out the fabulous pattern author Rachel Roden at her knitting blog here.


Author: Life Adventures Stories Written In Yarn.

I am a knitting designer, a freelance writer, and a fiber lover.

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