Knitting is writing a story in yarn…

Research and writing fit into knitting in a huge way. I know this because no one in my youth taught me to knit. My Mom taught me to crochet. But knitting was deemed too hard by most of those I talked too. Knitting in my youth was something only grandmas in rocking chairs did. I learned in my early 20’s. And only recently realized that the knitters of my mother and grandmothers generation were the creatives of their day.  I wanted to learn to knit over crocheting because I saw more versatility and comfort in knitting. The ability to create more. As well as loving the knit textures more than that of crocheting. knitting-1430153_1920


So, after getting married, I learned how to knit from YouTube videos. Thus, I learned quickly the importance of research in knitting. I soon found Ravelry which led to my wanting to design. Whew, my first foray into the design world was a disaster. I had never had to make a design submission page. I had never heard of a tech editor. I had no one to teach me, so I jumped in with both feet, and started googling, and looking for information on how to write submissions for designs and patterns.  It was a whole new world, and I was friendless.

Writing also plays a very important part of knitting. Because if you want to design a pattern knowing how to write it, knowing the lingo for abbreviations, and even if I may, shorthand for knitters. Allows one to take ideas from their heads, and place them unto paper. From there you need to be able to write to tech editors, and communicate your desires for a style of the pattern while making sure it is error free. Then you need to know how to write measurements and descriptions of your pattern for potential buyers.  Thus, writing plays a huge part in the knitting world.

Knitting its self is a story. From the sheep pasture to the spinner, to the yarn dyer, to the buyer. There is a story in the pattern chosen for the yarn, is it a gift, a cozy sweater for winter comfort? Knitting is writing a story in yarn. It is a story of the thoughts and prayers from the maker to the receiver.

What stories are you currently writing with your yarn? IMG_3530.JPG

Author: Life Adventures Stories Written In Yarn.

I am a knitting designer, a freelance writer, and a fiber lover.

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