Confessions Of A Binge-Watching Knitter

Am I the only knitter that gets carried away binge-watching while knitting? Please comment and tell me I am not alone in this?


I recently discovered a trick for managing my time better and still getting to relax and be amused. Without letting entertainment rule my life.

So, I will give you a list of my favorite movies or shows, and then a couple tricks for how to get the best of both worlds. Knitting and enjoying a show, while still getting all the things done.

A few of my favorites…

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Available on Netflix. 

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is an American web series hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. I love this show because it combines coffee, laughter, and classic cars. As well as allowing you to see famous comedians in an offstage setting. Real life.

The Kings Speech – Available on Netflix and most streaming sites.

The Kings Speech is a heart wrenching, and simultaneous heartwarming story. Centered on King George the 6th and his ascension to the throne in 1936. Who can resist a Colin Firths acting? Am I right?

Mcleod’s Daughters – Available on Amazon Prime. 

Mcleod’s Daughters is a story about family, about working hard and caring for one another no matter what. Set in Australia it tells the story of a working ranch and the people whose lives it is the center of. Admit it you were sold at Australian accents, right?

So, now that trick I mentioned?

Make a list of your goals.

The benefit of this list is that you now have a way to see progress. I even started a list of my goals for knitting projects, as well as a list of things I need to do. That way I can keep a better balance on both measurements.


Use a timer.

I know I know, they are as annoying as hell. But it keeps me from watching an episode and then starting the next and so on. It is a sensory reminder that you have a life outside of knitting and entertainment.


So, there you have it. My current favorite fiber work entertainment.  Now, I will need more ideas when I finish watching the above. What are your current favorites, and how do you keep yourself from binge watching too much?

Author: Life Adventures Stories Written In Yarn.

I am a knitting designer, a freelance writer, and a fiber lover.

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