Quick & Easy Quilts For Kids, A Book Review

A Gift For Kids That Like Sewing

Are you looking for a gift to give the crafty kiddo in your life? Do you want your kids to learn how to sew?

Learning to sew as a child is a gift, though I wouldn’t have said that at the time, I was learning. Quick and Easy Quilts For Kids might be the book for you, or in this case, for your child.

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“I Saw That Playing Out Differently In My Head”

For my daughter’s 9th birthday. I had the brilliant idea to give her the supplies to make her first quilt. I say glorious because, similarly to Hitch, I saw the whole project playing out differently in my head. I had this idea that she would do most of the work. It ended up splitting the work 50/50, which has been a great way to connect. 

She was so excited. We got started washing, drying, cutting, and organizing. Then we started sewing only to realize that we were piecing and sewing it incorrectly. We decided that we would need to start over on the piecing and sewing. Needless to say, we were both a little frazzled by this, and we put all the sewing away, life got busy. A year later, here we are working on it in earnest. 

Quick & Easy Quilts For Kids Photo 1

Recently she got the itch to sew again, so we pulled out the quilt almost a year later. We buckled down and spent about three days piecing and sewing. She would sew, I would make and trim, and iron, and then we would switch jobs. The top of the quilt is finished, the batting and backing are basted, and we are waiting for our quilting stencils to arrive.

Quick & Easy Quilts For Kids Sewing 

When she received her birthday present. I had taken the time to look through Quick and Easy Quilts For Kids and felt comfortable letting her choose the pattern. She wanted the pattern, “Here’s My Heart.” This pattern is fun, and possibly the most intricate design in the book. She is so thrilled with how the quilt is turning out. 

Here's My Heart Quilt

A Book Review

So, down to the book review itself. Quick & Easy Quilts For Kids is a light and bright book. Perfect for catching kid’s and adult’s eyes. The patterns range from simple to an intricate, yet simple design. 

Quick & Easy Quilts For Kids.png

The piecing, even for the most detailed of patterns, is simple enough that my nine-year-old was able to layout the pieces.  We choose colors in blues, pinks, and purples, the quilt is lovely.

Purchase this wonderful book today, Click here to visit the Amazon Product Page. ( I receive a small commission from purchases made through the above link.)


What Quilt Books Do You Love?

In summary, this book is an excellent book for helping a child learn to sew quilts. I would give it five stars.

It initiated wonderful quality craft time with my oldest daughter, and the bonus is the finished product is useful and beautiful!

Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite crafting book. What do you like about it?


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