Working on a few projects…

Working on learning to make and post videos. So more of these will be coming in the future.

I am learning that I love designing and color work.

Silas sweater…

IMG_6722It is official! I love, and highly recommend this sweater pattern.


Okay having such a handsome model doesn’t hurt either ūüėČ

I made this sweater over the summer with plans for it to be a Christmas gift. However we made a last minute decision to head south and visit family for the holidays. Which meant that some of the planned Christmas gifts were held over for birthdays. So here is the birthday boy modeling his Silas¬†sweater. Probably won’t be able to wear it long now, but I can always put it in storage for the next little man in line.

Here are the other post related to this project.

English vs. Continental… Not the Revolutionary War kind.

Did you know that you were getting a history lesson?

Well, this post isn’t actually about the Revolutionary war.

Its about left handed vs right handed knitting.


Continental knitting is when the working yarn is held in the left hand, and the stitches are picked with the right needle.


English knitting is when the working yarn is held in the right hand, and the stitches are flung over the working needle with the right hand.


While there are slight differences, they both have a lovely finished product. In the new series I am working on I will be trying to teach you to knit using these methods. Also, I have used patterns while knitting both methods, and I have also made patterns knitting both ways.

While you are waiting for these post to appear. Feel free to browse through my other sites.



Frozen Upon A Time completion.

Yarn is my weakness. My kryptonite. Especially soft, squishy yarn, that I can bury my face in to stay warm in the cold winter.


It has already gotten below freezing here for several days straight. Yup, so I have hid inside and watched Netflix movies,Specifically “Once Upon A Time.” So when I saw that Rachel at Unraveled Designs¬†made this lovely mystery knit along, themed after the show. I jumped on the cable, and started knitting. This was my first mystery knit along, and I enjoyed. Though, I was mostly behind the entire way.


So once I finished the knitting today, my son and I, ran outside for a Freezing moment, and snapped a few pictures. As I type this I am wearing the mitts, and cowl simply because they are a that delicious.

Knitting in the early morning calm
Knitting in the early morning calm


So without further ado, go buy some yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool. The Lorna’s Laces brand wool, and start knitting this wonderful warmth. Don’t forget to tell them Whitney Creath sent you so that I can get a referral credit and keep knitting myself into a snowball, to make winter here more fun.

Silas Sweater Complete


 First of all, here is the link to this fabulous sweater.


 I bought the yarn Cascade 220 Superwash Aran from Jimmy Beans Wool. I am so pleased with the way it knitted up. Soft, yet warm, and durable.


Since I am gifting it to a little boy, it needs to be strong and washable. I opted for plastic buttons, as again this is for a little boy. Thought plastic would hold up better than wood.


 Finished product waiting to meet its new owner.

Frozen Upon A Time Update…


Hubby had to leave a “stupid thirty” (slang for way early) so I got up and knit in peace and ¬†quite until our “PacMan” got up ¬†and needed my attention.


So if you have not ordered this yarn before, you totally should! Its wool so it is warm, and  it has a cool temperature to touch like silk. There are several options that are not pink.  I want to make some baby blankets from this yarn. Did I mention its machine  washable? Head on over to JimmyBeansWool and grab some of this for yourself. And if you feel like it, tell them Whitney Creath sent you, in the referral box.


Last  but definitely not least, if you like the pattern click here. You can also check  out the fabulous pattern author Rachel Roden at her knitting blog here.


Silas Sweater photo update


Unfortunately, the photo colors off because of the lighting.

I have been working on the Silas¬†sweater. I have the back finished, and I am currently working on the front piece. Picture below…

IMG_0111I love the way this is knitting up. It is soft, and I love the texture the Ridge pattern adds. Also the sizing seems to be right on so far. I am currently working on the size 6.