Sweater Heaven…

I love cool weather! Fall, Winter and early Spring are my favorite times of the year. Simply because it means I can wear sweaters. I can be cozy, and not suffering heat stroke. ūüôā

So,  in my quest to instill my love of sweaters, and sweater weather to my children. I have been searching for the perfect yarn, and sweater pattern. I might have found it!  The Silas sweater! I found it listed on Ravelry!

I am using Cascade 220 Aran Yarn! I love that this soft, warm, wool that can be machine washed! Seeing as this is the first time using this yarn for this pattern the true test will actually be washing the finished product.

Tonight I  finished the back. It is currently tucked safely away, after bath and blocking, and is awaiting the other pieces.

Here is a sneak peek…


Bumble Bee Dress…

DSC_9692 This Bumble Bee Dress was so much fun to make! The Berroco  Comfort Sock yarn was a dream to work. Soft and very easy to mold into my project. 

DSC_9693 I bought the 100% cotton onsie from Hobby Lobby. 

DSC_9694 A relative sent me a link to the flip flops and I knew right away what I wanted to make with them. DSC_9695 

Aren’t they just darling?¬†DSC_9696

I really hope this goes to a cute little baby girl with lots of outdoor fun this coming Spring! DSC_9697 DSC_9698 DSC_9699 DSC_9700

Enjoy the pictures.DSC_9701

Easy Peasy Mittens…

A pattern for beginner knitters, and beyond.

The pattern is easy,  fast, and produces wonderfully fast gifts. 

I have been wanting to get some basic patterns published, and still have more ideas buzzing around in my head. To keep up with the newest ones check out my Facebook page…¬†Subscribe to the blog feed, and follow my shop on Etsy.¬†Which is where you can find the pattern to download as a PDF file.¬†

Warm, and Cozy Mittens
Warm, and Cozy Mittens

You can also find them via this Ravelry link.


A Day In The Life Of A Knitting Duck…

¬† ¬†As a teenager, I was a tomboy. I didn’t want anything to do with being crafty, or sewing. I like working with my hands, and I didn’t like to be indoors. So then my Mom started to teach us sewing and needle arts. I decided if I have to learn, I would learn needle art, because it was easy to lug outside.¬†

¬† Also, I was stuck with a nickname that reflected my tomboyish tendency. I walked into the bathroom to find my sister struggling to change the old wooden toilet seat for a new one. She was having trouble figuring out how to take the old one off. I walked in needing to have her fix it quickly so I could use the faculties. I quickly removed the old seat, and replaced it. Her response “I cannot do this sort of thing, I am a girl.” My response was “What am I a Duck?” And thus whenever my technically challenged family had a problem they would yell “I need a Duck.” So, I became the knitting Duck.¬†


Now I am no longer at my families home. I am learning how to start using these talents as way to create, and help my family. All the while being a home maker, and wife. So here I plan to post my accomplishments, failures, and things I learn along the way. I hope you will join me on some of these adventures.