Test Knitting Overalls in DK


If you enjoy trying new patterns before anyone else. Giving constructive criticism, and getting a copy of the pattern for free. Then this test knit might be for you. Join in on the fun.

Silas sweater…

IMG_6722It is official! I love, and highly recommend this sweater pattern.


Okay having such a handsome model doesn’t hurt either 😉

I made this sweater over the summer with plans for it to be a Christmas gift. However we made a last minute decision to head south and visit family for the holidays. Which meant that some of the planned Christmas gifts were held over for birthdays. So here is the birthday boy modeling his Silas sweater. Probably won’t be able to wear it long now, but I can always put it in storage for the next little man in line.

Here are the other post related to this project.

English vs. Continental… Not the Revolutionary War kind.

Did you know that you were getting a history lesson?

Well, this post isn’t actually about the Revolutionary war.

Its about left handed vs right handed knitting.


Continental knitting is when the working yarn is held in the left hand, and the stitches are picked with the right needle.


English knitting is when the working yarn is held in the right hand, and the stitches are flung over the working needle with the right hand.


While there are slight differences, they both have a lovely finished product. In the new series I am working on I will be trying to teach you to knit using these methods. Also, I have used patterns while knitting both methods, and I have also made patterns knitting both ways.

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