The Gift Bag That Keeps On Giving…

Until recently we lived with 6 people in a two bedroom house. We knew moving in that it would be a temporary place. Realizing I would have major space limitations. I had to get really creative. One of those ways included forgoing the traditional gift wrap, and tissue paper bin. You know that place where you put all the re-gifted gift bags. Only hoping you will have a place to use it that doesn’t know it is second hand.

Well, in my search for ways to still give beautiful well loved gifts, I discovered the magical gift bag. Yes, it is Once Upon A Time, epic kinda of magic. ūüôā

You just need a touch of this…


A pinch or two of color. The choice depends on the poison, er uh, I mean theme of your choice…


Combine all ingredients…


You might have to play around with the mixture. But be sure to take precaution. After all “All magic come with a price”


Once your done, personalize your magic so it goes directly to the person you are aiming for.

And ta da… You have the perfect reusable gift bag, and it doesn’t take up room. And you don’t have to worry about re-gifting. It keeps on gifting. Kinda like the energizer bunny. And that is my kind of magic!


Below is one that I made to hold adorable, baby shower gift.

IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139

Silas Sweater Complete


 First of all, here is the link to this fabulous sweater.


 I bought the yarn Cascade 220 Superwash Aran from Jimmy Beans Wool. I am so pleased with the way it knitted up. Soft, yet warm, and durable.


Since I am gifting it to a little boy, it needs to be strong and washable. I opted for plastic buttons, as again this is for a little boy. Thought plastic would hold up better than wood.


 Finished product waiting to meet its new owner.

Frozen Upon A Time Update…


Hubby had to leave a “stupid thirty” (slang for way early) so I got up and knit in peace and ¬†quite until our “PacMan” got up ¬†and needed my attention.


So if you have not ordered this yarn before, you totally should! Its wool so it is warm, and  it has a cool temperature to touch like silk. There are several options that are not pink.  I want to make some baby blankets from this yarn. Did I mention its machine  washable? Head on over to JimmyBeansWool and grab some of this for yourself. And if you feel like it, tell them Whitney Creath sent you, in the referral box.


Last  but definitely not least, if you like the pattern click here. You can also check  out the fabulous pattern author Rachel Roden at her knitting blog here.