Silas Sweater Complete


 First of all, here is the link to this fabulous sweater.


 I bought the yarn Cascade 220 Superwash Aran from Jimmy Beans Wool. I am so pleased with the way it knitted up. Soft, yet warm, and durable.


Since I am gifting it to a little boy, it needs to be strong and washable. I opted for plastic buttons, as again this is for a little boy. Thought plastic would hold up better than wood.


 Finished product waiting to meet its new owner.

Silas Sweater photo update


Unfortunately, the photo colors off because of the lighting.

I have been working on the Silas sweater. I have the back finished, and I am currently working on the front piece. Picture below…

IMG_0111I love the way this is knitting up. It is soft, and I love the texture the Ridge pattern adds. Also the sizing seems to be right on so far. I am currently working on the size 6.

Sweater Heaven…

I love cool weather! Fall, Winter and early Spring are my favorite times of the year. Simply because it means I can wear sweaters. I can be cozy, and not suffering heat stroke. 🙂

So,  in my quest to instill my love of sweaters, and sweater weather to my children. I have been searching for the perfect yarn, and sweater pattern. I might have found it!  The Silas sweater! I found it listed on Ravelry!

I am using Cascade 220 Aran Yarn! I love that this soft, warm, wool that can be machine washed! Seeing as this is the first time using this yarn for this pattern the true test will actually be washing the finished product.

Tonight I  finished the back. It is currently tucked safely away, after bath and blocking, and is awaiting the other pieces.

Here is a sneak peek…